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Welcome to Plant City Housing LLC. Experience Quality & Reliability Not just words! We are an all in one organization, Family owned & Operated since 1981. We have a great selection of manufactured homes and Modular homes. Come by and find the home of your dreams today!  All prices include delivery, set-up, AC, plumbing, skirting and steps. 10 year warranty on all our homes. We offer the highest Hurricane rating in the state of Florida "ZONE 3"  We get you in your Home from start to move in day!​ 

Modular vs. Manufactured

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Manufactured Homes:

What is a Manufactured Home? The term "manufactured home" specifically refers to a home built entirely in a protected environment under a federal code set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Manufactured homes are NOT mobile homes. The term "mobile home" describes factory-built homes produced prior to the 1976 HUD Code enactment.

The HUD code requires each manufactured home to meet the following requirements:

  • Built as a one, two or three section home in a protected building center, transported to the home site on a frame and installed.
  • Meets the strict HUD code restrictions for design and construction, durability and strength, fire resistance, transportability, energy efficiency and quality.
  • Built on steel beams with wheels under each section.
  • Meets the high standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and thermal and electrical systems performance.
  • Passes stringent third party inspections.

Other Important Considerations:
When deciding between a manufactured or modular home, there are a few considerations. Plant City Housing LLC can build many available floor plan to either building code. A manufactured home typically offers a larger footprint and a lower cost per square foot for the home. Manufactured home financing options include chattel, or home only, loans. Manufactured homes can also be relocated.

Modular Homes:

What is a Modular Home?
A modular home is built in accordance with the Florida State Building Code, the same building codes that govern a traditional site-built home. Modular homes have many advantages and can be constructed on any residential town lot that is not deed restricted.  Modular homes qualify for the same conventional mortgage loans and insurance rates.

Since modular homes are constructed in a factory and transported to the site, up to 15% more lumber is used in construction than a site-built home; thus, adding strength to the structure of the home. 

Manufactured (i.e. HUD code) homes are built to a federal building standard, the Federal Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards. (Factory built homes manufactured prior to the HUD code are referred to as "mobile homes" or “trailer homes.”) The HUD code regulates the design, construction, structural durability, transportability, fire resistance and energy efficiency of a home. It also prescribes performance standards for the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. Manufactured homes are built and shipped on a permanent chassis. Modular homes are constructed to the same code as site-built homes with requirements set forth by state and local government for the specific locality.

Efficiency starts with factory assembly line techniques. Both Manufactured and Modular homes are assembled in the controlled environment of a manufacturing facility. In this process, your home travels to workstations where the various components are assembled. Work is never delayed by weather, contractor no shows or missing material.

Consistent quality begins with care for detail. Both Manufactured and Modular homes are inspected frequently at the assembly plant during each phase of construction. In-plant inspectors as well as independent agencies inspect your home on behalf of federal, state and local governments for code compliance. Evidence of this inspection is normally the application of a federal, state or inspection agency label of approval. Plant City Housing in Plant City. Plant City Housing Mobile Home Sales.